Exhibitions in 2018

There are so many exhibitions and events set for 2018, but I have picked out a few of my must see’s.

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Exhibition Road Quarter

Victoria and Albert museum
Victoria and Albert Museum, London. Image licensed for re-use under Creative Commons

The Victoria and Albert Museums’ new Exhibition Road Quarter will be the biggest construction project at the V&A since 1909. The project is set to provide a new entrance, courtyard and purpose-built gallery to accommodate the masses of visitors each year, and the design will compliment and sit naturally alongside the style of the V&A.

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Review: America after the Fall: Painting in the 1930’s, RA.

A day out for me and my husband in London is a busy yet somehow relaxing one. We took a slow walk to Burlington House to see the new American art exhibition, then we took a stroll through Soho, saw the Tom Cribb pup, which I got ridiculously overexcited by after seeing it on David Olusoga’s BBC series, then we Continue reading “Review: America after the Fall: Painting in the 1930’s, RA.”

Arundel Castle Review!

In the summer of 2016 me and Chris (my husband), visited Arundel Castle which is situated in West Sussex. The castle overlooks the River Arun; set in beautiful grounds with a chapel and a variety of gardens. Arundel is open to the public from April 1st – October 29th (2017). We love going on long walks and visiting historic places so Arundel was evidently a must on our list. The castle has a nearly 1000 year old history! It was established by Robert de Montgomery on Christmas day in 1068.

Another visitor attraction worth exploring whilst you are there is Arundel Museum, just outside the entrance of the Castle. It is run almost exclusively by volunteers and tells the history and story of the town by people who Continue reading “Arundel Castle Review!”

Top Picks – BBC Four: David Olusoga, A Timewatch Guide, British Empire: Heroes and Villains.

David Olusoga, a historian, writer and broadcaster demonstrated to us the ways the British Empire had been [mis]represented and re-written through television in the last 70 years. The hour long BBC programme revealed how the British Empire had largely been celebrated (to my horror by current historians such as Andrew Roberts), and then critiqued and analysed by historians like Simon Schama and Jeremy Paxman. Timewatch and other material from the BBC archive allows Olusoga to analyse how periods of turmoil in history such as Britain’s Caribbean colonies Continue reading “Top Picks – BBC Four: David Olusoga, A Timewatch Guide, British Empire: Heroes and Villains.”

Image of the Month – November, 2016

As this is my first ‘Image of the Month’, I thought I’d use this as an opportunity for my readers to get to know me.

Stanmer Church is located in Stanmer Village, a small, quaint village behind Sussex University. When me and my partner lived on campus we would take a walk to the local farm shop, then onwards to the grounds of Stanmer House. (The church is 50 meters from the main House).  Continue reading “Image of the Month – November, 2016”