Exhibition Road Quarter

Victoria and Albert museum
Victoria and Albert Museum, London. Image licensed for re-use under Creative Commons

The Victoria and Albert Museums’ new Exhibition Road Quarter will be the biggest construction project at the V&A since 1909. The project is set to provide a new entrance, courtyard and purpose-built gallery to accommodate the masses of visitors each year, and the design will compliment and sit naturally alongside the style of the V&A. The changes will open up a view to some of the sites original architecture; Aston Webb’s buildings, which visitors will be able to see from the courtyard. The courtyard will also reveal detailed sgraffito façade decoration which has not been seen by the public since 1873.

The Duchess of Cambridge will be opening will be opening the new entrance, courtyard and exhibition gallery on Thursday the 29th of June, and a commemorative plaque will be unveiled by the Duchess in the Sackler courtyard. As an Art History graduate I am sure this will be a very exciting event for her.